The Fluidforce People

All of us came together originally at Eastern Hydraulics and we have operated together for about 10 years. There is a comfortable atmosphere that has developed from working together over a prolonged period that enables us to have frank discussions on all manner of subjects.
Whether it be the outcome of a job, or the sounding out of ideas regarding a particular technical issue there is a willingness to assist each other that is not often found.
The people are what makes any company and we are proud of the result that our collective association has created. 



David Kellett

David has worked in the fluid power industry for the past 30 years and comes from a trade background in fitting & turning. He has undertaken and obtained additional qualifications in both fluid power system maintenance & design and mechanical engineering.

David has held various positions within the fluid power industry that have enabled him to gain solid knowledge and hands on experience over this time. These positions include, Service Technician, Service Manager, Project Manager, sales and design, Manager of Sales & Service (Eastern Hydraulics), Territory Sales Manager (Parker).

David spent a number of years working in the Valve Actuation Industry with Rotork and has had broad experience in fluid power applications and systems pertaining to the Oil & Gas and Mining Industries. His various positions above have taken him to work interstate on many occasions and overseas for some of our key clients including destination such as Indonesia, Philippines and New Caledonia.

At Fluidforce David's primary role is hydraulic sales, design and support, and has recently taken on the the day to day aspects of managing the business activities. 


Andrew Papapetrou

Andrew  has worked in and around the fluid power industry for the past 15 years and comes from a trade background in fitting & turning. He has undertaken and obtained additional qualifications in fluid power system maintenance & design.

Andrew has held various positions throughout the industry since completing his trade at Eastern Hydraulics. He has gone on to work for both small companies to larger corporate organisations.This has allowed him to expand his skill set in various aspects of engineering and management philosophies alike.   

Andrew's primary role at Fluidforce is design and sales of systems and components.


Peter Mayne

Peter is a Service Technician and has an absolute wealth of knowledge on the operation and application of hydraulic equipment. His ability to diagnose problems in systems large and small has been commented on by many. His very personable and approachable manner makes him a favourite with the customers and he is ever ready to go back to basics to ensure that a client understands the issues that have beset their machinery.

Peter has an Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology and a Fluid Power Design Certificate he has spent over 20 years in the industry and is held in the highest of regard by all.

Bruce Whitling

Bruce is a Service Technician, and like all of our people, he has also spent many years working with the equipment that is our daily fare. His background is a little different in as much as he started in pneumatics rather than hydraulics but that has stood him in good stead due to his experience with high pressure air driven pumps and pressure boosters.

Bruce holds a Fluid Power Industrial Certificate and has an all round ability to take on any of the varied tasks that confront us on a daily basis. He rarely gets stressed by the complexity or size of a job just get in and do it.









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